Reflections & Goals

June 13, 2016

Hello lovely readers. 


The year 2015 was indeed a crazy time for me. My photography really kicked off and I gained so much experience and knowledge while still working and studying. It was a great year of strong friendships, fun times and challenges. As I reflect on each year as it passes I love seeing how God has answered prayers, challenged me, grown others and been so incredibly faithful in lavishing on me grace upon grace through Jesus death in my place.

I haven't really had the time to show case all my work due to a lack of time but here are some of my favourite highlights from the year.





This year, 2016, is an exciting one for my husband Rob and I. We are moving to Newtown in a week and a half and instead of working at a school (which I will I miss dearly) my work will be based around Photography while still finishing my teaching degree by correspondence. This means I will have more time to update this blog, book photo sessions and support Rob as he attends Bible College full time. We are moving churches which comes with much sadness and excitement. 

This year I have made a pretty extensive list of goals. Don't worry I won't share all of them with you but some of them include getting back into running, supporting Rob by being better organised, praying more intentionally for a world that knows Jesus and completing a range of photography challenges to grow my skills and get to know my gear better. 


I hope that you may have a great 2016!